Flying Colours Life respond to Covid-19

Flying Colours Life respond to Covid-19

We would like to encourage and reassure our clients and our partners, that during this extraordinary and anxious time, brought on by the uncertainty of the impact of Coronavirus, we are taking sensible and pragmatic precautions to minimise any potential disruption for you, whilst heeding the most recent advice from No10.

How do we help?

Most notably we are reaching out to any of our clients who are on their own, in a high risk category and do not have any support around them, to please let us know so that we can help, whether that’s getting shopping organised, just keeping in touch or sharing any information. Please contact your adviser or directly to us, if you haven’t already. We will also be publishing frequent updates via our media channels about Guy and James's (two of our Founders and Investment Managers) views on the markets and how we are planning accordingly.

For many people it will be an opportunistic moment to review your current financial situation while markets are low, and in particular financial protection to make sure you have all you need in place. Please let us help you in that process; if you feel you could benefit from added discussions around possible further investments and looking to optimise your long-term returns as a result of the start of the recent bear market, or just ensuring you have the appropriate cover in place - we want to help. Any initial consultation will be at our cost entirely, or as part of our ongoing service agreement.

Our preventative measures towards your safety

While there will almost certainly be some disruption in the weeks and possibly months ahead, we are committed to doing our utmost to maintain the full range of services we provide. We already operate an agile working policy which means our staff can work from home and can remotely access our systems within a secure IT environment, provided they are not unwell themselves of course. We are also able to redirect work phone lines to employee mobile phones, so they remain contactable.

To ensure we are doing as much as we can to prevent the spread of infection, in order to protect the most vulnerable, we propose that;

  • We use Microsoft Skype or Teams, Zoom or Apple FaceTime, to conduct meetings with you to discuss your details.
  • If you are feeling unwell in advance of a meeting or you simply need advice on an ongoing matter, please telephone the office rather than turn up in person and we can make sure you get the best service in the right way.
  • We will use email as our primary means of communication, and post as a back-up.

It appears the situation with regard to the virus is relatively short-term but it is likely to get worse before it improves. With the latest advice published tonight, we are moving to a working from home policy with a very small skeleton staff covering IT/Web and Post.

Updates as the situation develops:

  1. An analysis by Guy Myles on the state of the financial markets during COVID-19 - 17 February

Please click here if you would like one of our team to contact you to discuss any financial advice enquiries. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to start a conversation.


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